Why choose Tempered Glass over any other Glass?

The key reason to go for tempered glass over any ordinary glass is that it is made for safety. Unlike regular glass, which breaks into huge and dangerous shards, tempered glass crumbles into small granulated chunks that are comparatively less harmful.

Tempered Glass Installation

Sliding Door

A modern space deserves a modern solution. And one such modern solution is the installation of tempered glass sliding doors. Providing safety and ease of installation, sliding doors are an ideal option for Office Glass Door.

Glass sliding doors not only add to the aesthetics of the space with their modern look and elegant design but also help save space. These doors make for a perfect option when it comes to making optimum use of daylight. It also allows clients and employees to move smoothly through the office without causing any hassle that conventional doors cause with their slammed closing. Simply make sure there is enough space in the sides for the door to slide along.

Types of Tempered Glass Sliding Doors

  • 1 panel-glass sliding
  • 2 panel-glass sliding door (Total: 2 pcs)
  • 3 panel-glass sliding door (Total: 3 pcs)

Tempered glass sliding doors are available in a vast variety: Sliding glass doors, sliding glass pocket doors, sliding glass double doors, sliding glass doors with custom frosting, sliding assisted close, sliding glass doors.

Component of glass sliding door:

  • Top track (38 X 36), 2.44M/Pcs
  • Carriage roller
  • Stopper
  • Floor guide
  • MB-1200 Mounting bracket
  • 200mm glass clamp c/w anti-jump device

All the components, accessories and parts are anti-rust and engineered for durability
The door is easy to install and works swiftly
It’s beautiful and stylish outlook makes it the best option for both office and home application

Swing Door

A tempered glass swing door can be fitted via hinges to enable the door to swing from the doorway in one way but not in another way. These are available as one-sided and two-sided swing doors and work best as Kitchen Glass Doors and Toilet Glass Doors.


This glass hinged door fit 8-12mm thickness glass. We provide clear tempered glass, tinted tempered glass such as bronze or euro grey, acid-etched tempered glass, frosted glass and spray tempered glass. The required accessories include a glass door lockset, glass door hinges, stopper and glass door handles.

The door hinges are made out of stainless steel and brass chrome material. All these components and accessories are anti-rust material and crafted for durability.

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Tempered Glass - the Safest Choice

Tempered Glass goes through a specialized process of heat treatment which makes it four times stronger than regular glass. Thus, the tempering process results in a glass that is more durable and resilient to force compared to regular glass.

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If you are considering having an interior glass door for your home or a sliding/swing door for your office, then ACME Design has got all your needs covered! They are available in a wide array of versatile designs and styles to suit any requirements.

If you want to gain more information on tempered glass doors, or you would like to get a quote or place an order for customized glass doors for commercial as well as residential spaces, you can get in touch with us. We provide solutions for a wide variety of applications. Check out our entire selection on our website or showroom and get the best solution for your space on a budget.

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