Why Glass Shower Screen is the Best Alternative?

There is no doubt that a shower curtain not only makes the space look outdated and dull but also requires regular cleaning and maintenance. On the other hand, Glass Shower Doors offer a quick and effective way to get an elegant and refined finish. Alongside instantly improving the overall look and feel of your bathroom, they also provide you with a lot of convenience and safety.

The best thing about a Shower Screen of Glass is that it allows light to freely pass through, which makes the space appear shinier, brighter and larger. Moreover, since they can be altered into various shapes and sizes, they can fit well even in highly compact bathrooms. The remarkable lustre and smoothness with a wide range of patterns, colours and finishes is the one side of the benefit while the safety quotient with clean and hassle-free design is another. They offer an efficient and minimalist alternative to shower curtains. Therefore, if you are planning to refurbish your bathroom, you can go through the following reasons to find out why a fashionable shower glass door is better than any other installation option.

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Tempered Glass – the Best Choice for Shower Glass Doors

Along with the look and design, the material used to create glass doors is an important factor to consider. Regular glasses, though look very appealing but can be extremely hazardous as they break into very sharp pieces that can cause injuries. That is why the most common material used for constructing shower doors is tempered glass.

Tempered glass is a stronger, durable and safer option compared to any other form of glass. The best thing about tempered glass is that when it breaks, it shatters into minute chunks that are not as sharp as the shards of regular glass. It is available in many forms – ultra-clear, clear, acid-etched, tinted, patterned and cast.

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Advantages of Tempered Glass Shower Screen

Damage proof

As mentioned above, tempered glass is stronger and highly resistant to damage. It does not get scratch marks easily which makes it a perfect choice for glass doors.


Tempered glass can be easily used for a variety of shower enclosures and designs. They come in a wide range of designs and finishing and can also be customised as per your needs and requirements.

Easy to clean

Tempered glass is smudge-proof and is easy to clean. Your Shower Screen will look as good as new for years to come.

Design Options for Shower Glass Door

There is a vast range of options to choose from when it is about selecting a particular design for your glass shower screen. Furthermore, one of the top reasons why glass shower screens became a popular choice is because of their aesthetic appeal.

Given below are some ideas to help you choose the most suitable shower screen for your space:

  • You can pick a clear, transparent glass to make your bathroom look more open and spacious
  • If privacy is your priority, then you can choose a more translucent material like frosted glass
  • To get the more spacious feel, you can opt for a frameless shower screen
  • To make your shower screen more personalized, you can choose the one with intricate designs carved onto them.

Remember, the Price of a Shower Screen in Singapore is determined by the kind of material and additional features you choose. So, do your research well to make sure that you are not exceeding your budget.

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Create a unique style statement

There are a plethora of options available when it comes to the design and finishing of the glass shower doors. If the clear glass is not your pick, you can also choose tinted or frosted glass for a perfect fit for your kind of style. You can customise the frame or handles and give an ultra-modern look.

Easy maintenance

If there is one place in the house that requires frequent cleaning –it is your bathroom. Bacteria, germs and viruses grow easily on wet furnishings. With Glass Shower Screen, cleaning the space will become a cakewalk as they do not get stained or scratched easily.

Unparalleled versatility

A seamless glass shower enclosure adds an instant dash of elegance and style to a bathroom of any size, shape, and style. It can also be customised based on your requirements.


Smart utilisation of space becomes crucial especially when you are living in an apartment. A glass shower screen makes your shower space look larger in an instant. Since it is clear, it prevents your space from looking cramped.

Completely watertight

Who likes to step into a space that has wet floors? By installing a glass shower screen you can make sure that the water does not get out and stay contained within a single spot. This can prevent the hassle of cleaning the floors after every shower.

Exceptional safety features

Since your bathroom will always stay dry, there will be no accidental falls due to wet floors. Also, the glasses that are used to make the doors are tempered to make them stronger which prevents them from shattering into big, sharp pieces.

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