Repairing Sliding and Hinged Shower Screen Doors

Depending on the type of Shower Screen Repair you need, whether it’s a sliding glass door or hinged glass door, our experts will help you figure out the best way to Repair the Shower Screen Door. A dragging bathtub door or dragging shower door can cause permanent damage to both the door and the track if not looked after for too long, so it’s best to get it fixed as soon as possible.

If your sliding glass door becomes immobile, sticky or comes off the tracks, you will require track adjustments. There are two main factors to consider when repairing sliding shower doors: the track and the wheels, also called Shower Door Rollers. Similarly, if the Glass Door Hinges become weak or damaged or become squeaky, getting them replaced by new hinges can be a long-lasting and cost-effective solution.

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What can You Expect from ACME Design?

If you have broken or damaged glass in your shower door and need more efficient Shower Screen Repair or replacement services, call our professionals today. We provide round the clock, same-day services and solutions for all kinds of shower doors.

Choosing ACME Design means:

  • Choosing friendly and courteous professionals who will come to your home, examine the damage and recommend the most suitable solution
  • If the problem calls for repair, our experts will fix the shower door on the spot
  • If replacement is required, we will remove the broken glass to measure the size of your existing shower door, order a replacement to complete the installation
  • Once the installation is done, we will make sure that the remaining debris is properly removed from the area.
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Reasons that call for Shower Screen Repair

If your shower door hinge makes screechy noise

The Shower Screen Hinges lead to poor functioning due to grease or soap buildup, so it starts making screechy noise every time the door is opened or closed. So, you need to clean the Shower Hinges with a solution made with vinegar and water to bring it to the perfect working condition.

If your shower door drags

If you have a Sliding Glass Door, it may start dragging as time passes. In such a situation, it requires to be realigned and the clamps need to be adjusted. This could be the result of water buildup or debris. It’s always advised to let a professional handle this issue as it involves taking the shower door out of the track.

If your shower door has scratches

Fixing scratches would be an easy task to do if you rely on professionals to Repair the Shower Screen.

If your glass shower door leaks

Leakage means there is a problem with the seals surrounding the edges. A professional technician can find out the issue and provide the solution accordingly.

ACME Design – Your Trusted Destination to Repair Shower Screen in Singapore

Repairing a sliding shower without any professional assistance can be a challenging task, especially when you do not have the required skills or tools. Save both money and time by getting in touch with the experts at ACME Design for top-class Shower Screen Repair in Singapore. Alongside repair, we also offer replacement services.

Our exceptional support combined with our unmatched knack for tackling various home maintenance problems in the quickest and most affordable way allows us to be the most trusted choice for innumerable clients in the region. Contact us now to discuss options and budgets and get customized services from the comfort of your home.

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